Privacy Policy

Green Coffee Diet Supplements (also referred to as “We,” “Us,” or “Our” in the following paragraphs) takes the protection of your personal information seriously and is committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. Use this policy in combination with our terms and conditions to avoid confusion. By completing any of the activities specified in this policy, you agree that We can use your information and utilise it as indicated below.

Who are the people behind Green Coffee Diet Supplements?

The Green Coffee Diet Ltd is a limited company that sells nutritional supplements. We are registered in England and Wales under the company number XXXXXX and do business under the name Green Coffee Diet Ltd. Weston-super-Mare is located at 93 Ebdon Rd in North Somerset (BS22 6US), and we have a registered office there as well. You may reach out to us through our contact page, which can be found here.

Obtaining Your Personal Information

When you do the following, we will want certain information from you:

  • Place an order for Our products and services through one of our online stores. We will ask for your name, address, email address, and telephone number (if applicable), as well as your payment information, from you.
  • Use Our online forms, engage in surveys, download material such as ebooks or other publications, and take part in any other ad-hoc interactive portions of Our website that may be created from time to time.
  • Create an account on our website. Again We will store your name, address, email address and telephone number (if relevant) (if applicable)
  • Contact Us in a non-online manner, such as by telephone, email, or postal mail.
  • Cookies and other similar technologies will be used to collect information about your site visit or use of Our goods or services as you navigate and interact with our site and our products and services. Please keep in mind that our website is now hosted on a shared server.

What We Do With Your Information

Our internal purposes at Green Coffee Diet Supplements include auditing, data analysis, and research to enhance Green Coffee Diet Supplement’s website, marketing, goods, and services, as well as understanding and responding to client needs and communications.

Furthermore, we may use your information to provide you with any information on services that you have requested or items that you have bought, as well as to contract with you directly to get feedback on your usage of Our website, products and services.

Our policies and terms and conditions may change from time to time, and we may send you crucial messages about your purchases or changes to our policies and terms and conditions. Due to the fact that these sorts of messages frequently include extremely critical information that we must communicate with you, we do not enable you to opt out of receiving them.


We may use your information to contact you about Our products and services if we feel they would be of interest to you. We will only do so if we believe you will be interested in our products and services. We frequently communicate in this manner via email or text message.

You have the right to request that We refrain from contacting you for marketing reasons at any point in time. Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line OPT OUT in the subject line. We will have you removed from our system within 30 days.

How We Share Your Information

We may occasionally share some of your information with the following parties:

  • When it comes to our suppliers, such as third-party businesses with whom We are working together to offer you with a service or product,
  • Services provided by third parties that process information on our behalf (such as payment providers, website hosts and Our accounting systems). In some cases, these third parties may have unintentional access to your personal information.
  • Another organisation to whom We transfer Our agreement with you
  • We share it with our funders, such as our bank, with professional advisers, such as accountants (if they have a reasonable need to see it), and with potential funders.
  • Wherever information is shared, we will take steps to guarantee that your personal information is kept private and that third parties do not use it for their own purposes. These third parties all have their own privacy rules, which are accessible through the websites of each of them (see below).

Unless otherwise stated, all third-party companies that we work with are GDPR compliant and have their own data protection policies.

We may share aggregated information about the usage of Our website, goods, and services with third parties for their own marketing purposes. We will not, however, share any information that might be used to personally identify you.

We shall disclose your information to law enforcement authorities (upon request) or to a third party in the scope of threatened or actual legal proceedings if we are obligated to do so by law. We shall only do this if we are certain that we will not be in violation of data protection rules.

The Use of Cookies and Tracking Data

In the case of a website, a cookie is a tiny text file that is downloaded onto computer or smartphone equipment when the user enters the site. It enables the website to identify the device and store information about the user’s previous and current actions. Cookies are completely safe, and you can learn more about them by visiting (all about cookies).

You can disable cookies, but doing so will have an impact on your experience on our website since certain essential functions will be disabled. Please modify the settings offered in your web browser to prevent Us from storing cookies on your computer’s hard disc if you wish to change your cookie preferences or if you wish to be warned when cookies are going to be used.

We also use cookies and other similar software, known as pixels, to track the number of people who have visited Our website on clicking across from one of Our adverts on another website or in an email, as well as to gather information about any items that have been purchased. These only capture a little amount of information, and it is not feasible to identify the user from this information.

Our cookies are used to identify website visitors and link them to their social media accounts on third-party platforms. This enables Us to contact the user directly from Green Coffee Diet supplements with marketing messages, process updates, order information, and other information related to the product.

On Our website, we may also make use of third-party website analytics tools from time to time. Visitors to a website who do not wish for their data to be utilised by Web Analytics can opt-out by installing the Simple Analytical opt-out browser extension.

Your Legal Prerogatives

This is referred to as your Data Subject Rights, and you have the right to obtain the following information from Green Coffee Diet Supplements:

  • The right to obtain a copy of the information included in their personal data;
  • Possibility of objecting to processing that is likely to cause or is now causing damage or discomfort;
  • Right to object to data processing for direct marketing purposes;
  • Possibility of objecting to choices made through automated procedures;
  • In some cases, the right to have erroneous personal data rectified, blocked, wiped, or destroyed; and the right to be forgotten.
  • An individual has the right to sue for compensation for damages caused by a violation of the Act.

More information about these may be found on the Information Commissioner’s website, which is located at

Your Identifiable Information

Please keep Us informed of any changes to your personal information so that We can keep Our records as up to date as we possibly can. If you would like a copy of the information we have on you, you may write to Our Data Protection Processor, Katie Dixon, at 93 Ebdon Rd, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, BS22 6US, or send an email to [email protected] We will respond to your request within 30 days. If you request a copy of your information, you will be required to pay a statutory charge of £10 in addition to the cost.

Security and data storage are important considerations.

As a result, we take your privacy seriously and will always keep your information private via the use of technological means and internal processes to ensure that it is not used for unlawful purposes or accidentally lost or destroyed.

Although it is possible to keep communications such as emails safe if they are encrypted before being transferred over the internet, this is challenging to achieve. Although we make every effort to secure your personal information, we cannot ensure the complete security of your information when it is transferred over Our website or over the internet, and you acknowledge that you are transmitting data to Us at your own risk by using this service. Our direct debit sites and online forms, on the other hand, are only accessible over secure connections.

Please maintain any passwords, whether they were established by you or provided to you by us, confidential and secure.

Transfers to and from countries outside of Europe

Personal data in the European Union is safeguarded by data protection regulations, but you should be aware that data protection rules in other countries may not be as stringent as those in the European Union.

Other Web Sites to Visit

This policy will no longer be applicable if you utilise a link from Our website to access another website, product, or service that is not owned or controlled by Us. We are not responsible for the content of third-party websites, and we advise you to review all privacy rules that may apply to such websites, goods, or services before using them. If you require assistance in identifying or locating these, please contact [email protected] Thank you.

We’re Making a Change to Our Privacy Policies

We retain the right to modify Our privacy policies at any time, and we will always notify you of any changes by posting a notice on Our website, so please check it frequently.

More information may be found here.

If you would want to learn more about data protection, you may go to the Information Commissioner’s website at for further information.

We can be reached at 93 Ebdon Road, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, BS22 6US or via email at [email protected] If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Data Protection Processor Katie Dixon.